The Consequence of Health Promotion using Alternative Medicine and Self-reliance


  • Chanpim Vuthitanachot
  • Pulsuk Siripul
  • Chanpen Chanontree
  • Udom Panthasri


alternative medicine, seitai, trilunjakorn(buddist hands), neurobics


This quasi-experimental research was aimed to study the consequence of health  promotion  withself-reliance by exercise activities related to alternative  medicine such as Seitai, Trilunjakorn(Buddist hands)and Neurobics.  Twenty-eight participants, aged  25 to 73 years old, participated in all activities at least 21days out of 28 days, one hour per day. The results found that changing in health status as  weight reduction 64%reducing waist circumference 76 % with statistically significance (p-value < 0.05), and increasing hemoglobin69.57 percent with statistically significance.  Blood test found that decreasing Cholesterol, Triglyceride andFasting blood sugar   were 57.69%, 28.57%, and 32.14%, respectively.  All participants had better physicalcondition and improve flexibility of their skeletal muscle. Other health problems such as joint pain and musclepain symptoms were decreased or disappeared, as well as, better defecation, no stress, and comfortable sleep.According to the health behavior questionnaire, the participants had better self care on their health, changed theirhealth behavior in a better way, and regularly exercised with appropriate methods.  People should be promotedfor health promotion with this alternative  medicine and results of this practice should be followed with continuingin a longer period of time.




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