Effects of hot and cold packs to pain relief during active phase of labor


  • Wilawon Sairodrung
  • Kallaya Wiriya
  • Wireeporn Chaisatsampun
  • Fasai Poomkerd
  • Saisunee Thongsumlit


hot and cold packs, pain relief, primigravida, active phase of labor


This quasi-experimental research aimed to determine the effects of hot and cold packs to pain reliefduring active phase of labor. The subjects were primigravida in active phase of labor in Nopparat rajathaneehospital. Random sampling was adopted to get fifty-two samples which were equally divided into two groups.In experimental group, was hot and cold packs were used to pain relief while the control group compress in roomtemperature. Color scale for pain measurement was employed for data collection. Data was analyzed by usingindependent t-test and paired t-test.It found that pain score level of the two groups before and after hot and cold packs were not significantlydifferent. Pain score of the experimental group to hot packs could pain significantly (p<.05). Thus, nurses in thelabor room should apply the hot packs to patient during this stage therefore they would will cope with the painbetter.


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Sairodrung W, Wiriya K, Chaisatsampun W, Poomkerd F, Thongsumlit S. Effects of hot and cold packs to pain relief during active phase of labor. JNSH [Internet]. 2012 Mar. 9 [cited 2023 Feb. 8];34(1):9-18. Available from: https://he01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/nah/article/view/773