Effect of Caregivers' Capability Development Program on Caring for Patients with Mechanical Ventilation


  • Nongrat Putsa
  • Ploenpit Thaniwattananon
  • Kanitha Naka


capability development program, caregivers, patients receiving ventilations


This quasi-experimental aimed to examine the effects of caregivers' capability development progtram a control group (n=32) or an experimental group (n=32). The control group received routine care instruction while the experiment group received a 4-day caregivers' capability development program. The instruments included: Demographic data questionaire, caregiver's capability questionnaire, the development of caregiver's capability program which consisted of development of caregiver's capability plan, caring manual for patients receiving ventilations, and caregiver's preparedness questionnaire. The caregiver's capability questionnaire was tested using cronbach's alpha coefficient yielded a reliability value of .84. The data were analyzed using t-test. The results showed that the mean total score on caregiver's capability in the experimental group was signigicantly higher than that of the control group (t=2.47, p<.01).


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Putsa N, Thaniwattananon P, Naka K. Effect of Caregivers’ Capability Development Program on Caring for Patients with Mechanical Ventilation. JNSH [Internet]. 2012 Mar. 8 [cited 2022 Dec. 8];34(2):11-2. Available from: https://he01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/nah/article/view/752