Children’s Thoughts and Feelings during Hospitalization: Nursing Management


  • Kanokjun Khamenkan


children’s thoughts and feelings, hospitalization, nursing management


Children’s thoughts and feelings during hospitalization is the beginning point of their behavior both positive and negative. There are the negative behaviors appear during hospitalization such as aggressive, fear, and hyperactivity. The behaviors mentioned will occur when children do not receive responsibility as they think and feel. Therefore, listening to children’s thoughts and feelings via their report through projective technique is very important. Children report that they are bored, lonely, and sadness during hospitalization; meanwhile, they would like to tell their requirement to nurse in order to cope with their thoughts and feelings. Children’s requirements during hospitalization are the requirement of protection and the requirement of companions. From this empirical data, nurse can use data to develop nursing for children. For this reason, this paper aim to present the nursing management for children during hospitalization which appropriate and harmonize with children’s requirement and development to decrease their negative thoughts and feelings to the hospitalization and decrease their negative reactions and behaviors which will occur to children. This nursing management will bring to the cooperation and decrease children’s anti-behavior; furthermore, it will encourage the treatment effciency for other cases.


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