Effectiveness of implementing Evidence-Based Practice for Traumatic Patients at Out Patient of the Accident and Emergency Unit

  • Panor Techaatik
  • Suntaraporn Wunsupon
  • Sumana Sumritrin


This  action  research  aimed  to  improve  a Clinical Nursing Practice Guideline  (CNPG)  for  traumatic patients and evaluate nurses, action, based on evidence of Soukup,2000. And eight relevant studies, with level A = 1, B = 5 and C =2, the analytical fnding was used to improve the practice of nurses following steps in trauma life support.  40 nurses participated and the material was proved by 3 specialists.  Data were collected from 81 patients.  Research tools used the recording form of the general characteristic, injury, evaluation nurses, action and the satisfaction of service users. Assessments in the aspect of the performance nurses, action and results-oriented of user satisfaction. We found that trauma severity level of patients (n=81) 1, 2, 3 were 6.2%, 4.9%, and 88.9%, respectively. Moreover, the result of all performance (90.5 %), triage phase of the injury persons (100%) primary survey phase (97.94%) and secondary survey phase (93.62%), pre-discharge phase (70.29%) were reported.  Patient satisfaction score was 9.0(90%).


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