Violent Behavior toward Family of Methamphetamine Users

  • Sujitta Ritmoontree
  • Kritaya Sawanchareon


This descriptive research was aimed to study the prevalence of violence behavior toward family of methamphetamine users, characteristic of violence and consequence of violence. The samples were 128 methamphetamine users who admitted in Inpatient ward of KhonKaen Drug Dependence Treatment Center between March to May 2011 and 128 family members of methamphetamine users. The research tools were questionnaires for methamphetamine users and family members. The reliability of the questionnaires, tested by Cronbach’s coef-fcient, were .87 and .88 respectively. The Descriptive Statistics were used in data analysis. The results were as follows:The prevalence of violence toward family of methamphetamine users was 92.2%. Most of violence behavior found 1) psychological and emotional violence included yelling and cursing, 2) fnancial violence included stealing cash or possessions, 3) physical violence included throwing harmful ob-jects, and 4) sexual violence included sexual assault. Wife was abused the most. Methamphetamine users reported consequences of violence toward themselves 98.3%,such as : guilty, anxiety, depression, and boredom, toward victims 94.9% such as :suffering, regret, anxiety, less interpersonal relationship, and depression toward family 70.3% such as loss of money and happiness, and toward community 16.9% including being complained and de-tested by neighbor or community. Also neighbor or community was scared of methamphetamine users’ behavior. This study revealed that methamphetamine using related to family violence and led to many consequences. Thus, the issue “violence” should be alert to help patients to reduce methamphetamine using and violence behavior.


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