Nutritional Status and Food Habits in the Hospitalized Elderly in Special Nursing Department

  • Chintana Suwittawat


A cross-sectional study was conducted to describe food habits and to assess nutritional status of elderly in special nursing department. The subjects were 87 elderly people.The data were collected by using questionaire, The data were presented by descriptive statistics.The results revealed that undernutrition male elderly and female elderly were 37.3%,25.1% respectively.The elderly in special nursing department consumed sticky rice, fsh were 98.9%, 64.4 respectively. Sticky rice was the food that the most of 45.98% of the elderly liked to eat. 33.33% of the elderly didn’t like to eat fry food.3.45% of The elderly believe that some fry food was harmful, caused the cancer quickly spreads.


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