Informed consent: Nurse liability


  • Chintana Suwittawat


Informed consent, Nurse liability



Nursing and midwifery professions is related to patient care. The nursing profession is the government officer, officiate in the government sector.Sometimes there is a violated action by the State duties, which is caused by the State duties are not standardized, the fault or defect of the State Agency or operating system. The nurse will be protected from Tort Liability Act B.E.2539, the State Agency must reimburse a compensation for the victim.The State authority can take the recourse from the nurse when it revealed that the nurse performed the violation by purposely or severely negligence only.For this result, the principle debtor condition cannot be used to apply and excluded the fault or defect of the State Agency. So, when the nurse allegedly violated must notify supervisors at all levels to acknowledge. When the State Agency take the recourse, the nurse should appeal to dispute such a order. During the appeal, the nurse must still comply with the order.

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