The lesson learns of developing breastfeeding support network


  • Somjit Muangpin
  • Pranee Theerasopon


network, support, breastfeeding,


This qualitative study aimed to explore lesson learned from developing breastfeeding support network. The participants were nurses who had been workingon breastfeeding support atgovernment hospitals in Northeastern Thailand. The results showed that; 1)to be  sustainable breastfeeding support network, the network required a leader and teamwork who responded immediately  to breastfeeding problems.2) The obstacle to promote a sustainable breastfeeding support network  were  that there were  limitation of knowledge and practice on supporting women to breastfeed ,noncooperation on support network  among nurses, and  inactive network. 3) Further recommendations for being sustainable breastfeeding support network, manpower, nursing instructions, or guidelines should be developed and  healthcare system  should  be supported.


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