• URAI ODD JARAEPRAPAL Walailak University 222 Thaiburi Subdistrict Thasala District Nakornsithammarat 80160
  • Khanitta Nuntaboot Associate professor, Faculty of Nursing, Khonkaen University, Thailand


This critical ethnography aims to reveal the information utilization for care of elders by the community, critical of power relations, and propose the information utilization process (IUP) according to elder’s culture. Data were collected by observation, interviews, focus groups from elderly and caretakers. Trustworthiness by triangulation, thematic creating by content analysis.

In result; the elders used information according to their lifestyle; caretakers used information according to their roles and function. Because of the predominance of government officials to own information, they neglecting the elders in context.Thus, results of elders care do not coverage, not respond to elder’s problems. Therefore, the government officials should adjust the power relations by more understanding in elder’s lifestyle for empowering them to participate in the IUP 8 steps. The local government should be the leadership of activities and policy supporting for elders care, and used IUP continuously.


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Author Biography

URAI ODD JARAEPRAPAL, Walailak University 222 Thaiburi Subdistrict Thasala District Nakornsithammarat 80160

Walailak University


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