Self-Management of Diabetes Mellitus Patients with Co Morbidities


  • Parichart Piasupun
  • Nonglak Methakanjanasak


self-management, diabetes mellitus, co morbidities


This cross-sectional descriptive study aimed to examine self-management behaviors in diabetesmellitus patients with co morbidities. The researcher used Lin,s diabetes self-management concept of nursingas the framework. The samples were 120 co morbidities-concordant with diabetes mellitus patients. Thequestionnaire has fi ve experts examined and confi rmed the content validity. The Cronbach,s alpha coeffi cient for reliability was 0.82. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistic (i.c.,mean, and standard deviation). The study revealed that the overall self-management behaviors of patients were of moderate level (x= 3.40, S.D. = 1.07).Regarding the self-management behaviors subscale; they was a good level of adherence to recommendedregimen behaviors (x= 3.84, S.D. =0.89) and interaction with health professional and signifi cant others behaviors(x= 3.82, S.D. = 1.10) moderate level of self-integration behaviors (x= 3.40, S.D. = 0.94) and self-regulation behaviors (x= 3.42, S.D. =1.21). Notwithstanding, these patients had a low level of self-monitoring of blood glucose (x= 2.48, S.D. = 1.61). The results of this study indicated self-management were some importance issue.. Nurses are the person who provides knowledge regarding to what the patients need, and give advice and support in order to help patients to better their self-management.


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Piasupun P, Methakanjanasak N. Self-Management of Diabetes Mellitus Patients with Co Morbidities. JNSH [Internet]. 2013 Jan. 31 [cited 2022 Sep. 29];35(3):26-3. Available from:

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