Knowledge and attitudes about HIV/AIDS and sexual health practices in student nurses, Khon Kean university.

  • Bampenjit Sangchart


*Faculty of Nursing, KhonKaen University

**AIDS Institute, KhonKaen University


The knowledge and attitudes about AIDS will lead to a safe sex. This is particularly important for the sexual health of adolescents.  AIDS Institute University, have contributed to a correct knowledge about AIDS and promote research to share in reducing risk factors for HIV infection and AIDS. The objective is to explore sexual behavior, general knowledge about AIDS, and sexually transmitted diseases,preventing HIV infection, confidence and ability to care and counseling. The sample is 452 nursing students, Faculty of Nursing, KhonKaenUniversity. Questionnaires were developed by the AIDS Institute, KhonKaen University.  Data were collected during May - July 2555. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics such as frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation.

The results found that Student with general knowledge about AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases on health to a great extent by respondents was 91.55 percent, a sexual health at risk of infection with HIV / AIDS is relatively low. They had confidence to care for themselves when to have sex, and I consult if there is a problem caused by the coupling is not safe. However, there are some groups who are not sure what to do or not and the opinions about sexual health is incorrect. So be aware of this risk and find ways to plan and deploy the knowledge, attitudes and skills required to live on campus next.


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