Effects of Utilization of Care Package for Muslim Older Adults With Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease on Caregivers’ Ability in Caring and Functional Abilities of Older Adults



Muslim Older Adults, Caregivers’ Ability in Caring, Functional Abilities of Older Adults


This quasi-experimental research aimed to study the effects of utilization of care package for Muslim older adults with stage 4 chronic kidney disease on caregivers’ ability in caring, and older adults’ functional abilities. The sample was 25 pairs of caretakers and Muslim older adults with stage 4 chronic kidney disease. The data collection tool was the evaluation form of caregivers’ ability and Barthel ADL Index. 

The data analysis using descriptive statistics, paired t-test and Wilcoxon test.The result showed that the average of the acquisition of the caregivers’ ability in caring and the average of the functional ability of the Muslim older adults with stage 4 chronic kidney disease after being treated under the care package was significantly higher than that before utilization (p <.001).


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Author Biography

Thussaneeya Kuiburd, Prince of Songkla University

Thailand Citation Index Centre


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