Warmth: A concept analysis


  • Siranee Imnamkhao Srimahasarakham Nursing College
  • Bumpenchit Sangchart Faculty of Nursing, Khon Kaen University, Thailand
  • Weerachai Imnamkhao Srimahasarakham Nursing College


warmth, concept development, concept analysis


Warmth is an interesting concept. It correlates with patient and nursing care. However, It is unclear
and ambiguous in literature of nursing phenomenon. The purpose of this paper is to clarify meaning and
identify defining attributes of the concept. The method used in the analysis was based on Walker and Avant
(2005). Resultsof the concept analysis revealdefinitionof warmththat include 8 definingattributes: 1)care
closely 2) express friendly and convey a desire to help 3) communicate effectively, through tender touch
witheye contact,usingsoft soundandrhythm 4)provide intimacyas well asperform nursingcaregentlyand
kindly without expectation for any reward 5) express respect, genuineness, and attentiveness 6) set suitable
environment tobring warmth 7)makebondingandattachment withkangaroocareforbaby,embracethechild,
and touch gently 8) make good relationship with concern of cultural context, social context, and condition
of each area as well as care for each other. This can be applied to enhance children’s quality of life.


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