Health status of older farmers in Chiang Rai Province


  • Napamon Pumsopa 6 M. 6 T.Padaet A.Padaet Chiang Rai Province
  • Nattaya Phadaennok


health status, older people farmers


This descriptive research aimed to study health status of older farmers in Chiang Rai Province and compare health status between age groups. Participants were 400 farmers. The results revealed that most were male, young old age, completed primary school, rice farmers, and poor. Health problems included high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthritis, memory problems and vision problems. Non-promoting health behaviors included smoking, drinking alcohol beverage, had no exercise, and had no health screening. However, they perceived themselves as healthier than others. They were able to perform daily activities well, had no depression, and had children and spouses as their caregivers. Comparison of health status, perception, and behaviors between different age groups showed differences in mental status statistically significant (p<.05), and when considering in details of all aspects, it was found that hearing problems, smoking, drinking alcohol, participation in community activities, the perception of time, memory, and determination to do something is short were statistically significant differences in the mean values of each age (p <.05), and healthcare providers should collaborate with multidisciplinary professionals and relevant organizations to prevent chronic diseases in healthy older people as well as care for people with health problems and encourage older farmers to access health screening services.


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