Effect of self care using rolling massage with feet numbness


  • PATCHAREE WANGWUN Srimahasarakham Nursing College
  • Sakaorat Kraichan


self care, Makha rolling, feet numbness, elderly, diabetes type II


             The purpose of this quasi-experimental research was to study the effect self-care of using Makha rolling with feet numbness in the elderly diabetes type II. The studying was conducted using one group pre-post test design. The 16 participants using purposive sampling are elderly people over 60 years of age who had type 2 diabetes and had feet numbness in the area of ​​responsibility of the Samakhee community health center. The elderly using Makha rolling were set out every day 6 weeks with altogether 15 times. The statistics used were percentage, mean, standard deviation and Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Test. The results revealed that the level feet numbness of participants in the experimental group after participated in rolling innovation activity had statistically significant lower numbness before participated at the level of .05.


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