The effects of a supportive - educative program with infographics and a handbook on caregivers’ caring behaviors for school-age thalassemia


  • Atchadaporn Karnsa-ard Faculty of Nursing, KKU


Keywords : supportive - educative program, infographics, handbook, caregivers’ caring behaviors, school-age thalassemia



          This quasi-experimental research aimed to study the effects of a supportive - educative program with infographics and a handbook on caregivers’ caring behaviors for school-age thalassemia. The sample was caregiver school-age thalassemia at the Pediatric Department of Khon Kaen hospital. There were 22 caregivers, the 11 people in the experimental group received a supportive-educative program and the 11 people in the control group received conventional nursing care. The research instruments were the general information interview form, an interview about caregivers’ caring behaviors for 

using the frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation and t-test. The results were as follows: after experiment, the experimental group’s mean of caring behaviors was significantly higher than in the control group and higher than before intervention.   



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