Educative - supportive care needs in patients with advanced cancer undergoing chemotherapy


  • ธนัญญา ยอดยิ่ง โรงพยาบาลจุฬาภรณ์
  • อำภาพร นามวงศ์พรหม School of Nursing, Rangsit University
  • น้ำอ้อย ภักดีวงศ์ School of Nursing, Rangsit University


educative care need, support, advanced cancer, chemotherapy


This descriptive research aimed to investigate educative-supportive care needs, received, and satisfaction with knowledge and supports received of patients with advanced cancer at chemotherapy OPD. Data were collected from 91 patients using personal an illness information sheet, Educative-Supportive care needs questionnaire, questionnaire concerning resources and methods of providing information required. Descriptive statistics were used to analyze the data.

         Finding revealed that, on a whole, educative-supportive care needs of the patients with advanced cancer were at a moderate level. Considering aspects of needs, educational needs were at a high level. Needs for advice and psychological supports were at a moderate level while physical care supports were at a low level. In addition, it  was found that the educative-supportive care needs received by the patients were at a low level, education and psychological support  were at a moderate level while advice and physiological supports received were at a low level. In regards to satisfaction of the patients with educative-supportive care received, it  was perceived at a low level. Furthermore, sources of information and supports which the patients needed most were physicians, nurses and family respectively. Methods of providing knowledge and supports needs by the patients  were personal discussion, books and internet respectively. Educative-Supportive system should be developed to serve relevant needs of the patients with advanced cancer.


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