The development of innovation for assessing blood loss during labor period


  • Sareeluk Pearnthaisong


blood loss assessment, collection bag, postpartum hemorrhage, innovation


This study aimed to develop an innovation for assessing blood loss during the labor period. Continuous quality improvement process and evidence based practice were applied to develop this innovation. The blood collecting bag’s reliability was tested by quantifying the 5 ml of red liquid until 1,000 ml in blood collecting bag via three volunteers and this bag’s accuracy was tested by assessing blood loss in the 20 normal labor scenarios at laboratory via ten volunteers.  The mean of the quantity of red liquid and the error of measurement were measured. These data were analyzed by intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) and percentage. The result showed that 1) the blood loss assessment innovation composed of a blood collecting bag, a 100 ml-cup, gauzes and a manual guide; 2) the ICC of reliability and accuracy were 0.75 (good) and 0.99 (excellent) at p<0.05, respectively; 3) the percentage of the error of measurement of reliability and accuracy were accepted (0.67-4.55  and 2.33 - 4.68, respectively); 4) the steps of blood loss assessment were performed and satisfied by ten volunteers. The implementation of this innovation should be carefully considered in the real situation. The outcomes of innovation should be studies as a further research.


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