Development of care system for stroke risk group in community at Pattananikhom Hospital, Lopburi Province


  • sineenat tongsuk โรงพยาบาลพัฒนานิคม อ.พัฒนานิคม จ.ลพบุรี 15140
  • Orasa Kongtaln


development of care system for risk group, stroke risk group, action research


This action research aimed at development of care system for stroke risk group in community at Pattananikom Hospital, applying the concept of expanded chronic care model. Purposive sampling method was used to recruit 47 people in stroke risk group and 23 people responsible for taking care of stroke risk group. Data was collected through interviews, focus groups, and participatory observations. Descriptive statistics were used to analyze demographic data and content analysis was utilized for analyzing qualitative data. The research found that a structured system was developed. Roles assignment and referral are clearly defined. Screening tools for health volunteers was developed, resulted in earlier identifying risk groups. Capabilities of risk groups and community leaders had been developed, leading them to improve knowledge and continually modify health behaviors through the form of group relationships in the community. Smoking cessation club was formed. Surveillance and prevention of stroke in community had been conducted. It can be concluded that success in developing care system for stroke risk group in community should be focused on proactive work to promote perception and awareness of risk factors as well as empower people using family and community participation


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