Community’s perception of the older persons with dementia


  • Suttinan subindee Subindee 123/2005 faculty of nursing KKU


older person, dementia, community


This qualitative research explores the community’s perception of the older persons with dementia. Data was obtained from family caregivers for the older persons with dementia. And those involved in caring for the older persons with dementia in the community of 42 people between August 2017-  April 2018. The qualitative data collection techniques using the participant observation method, in-depth interview, field recording and recording and the data were analyzed using method of content analysis. The results of the study showed the community’s perception of older persons with dementia are 1) diseases in the older persons 2) genetic diseases that cannot be cured 3) ghosts do 4) people have a bad past 5) being nervous 6) like children 7) forget how to eat how to live 8) the effect of alcohol drinking 9) Alzheimer's or dementia and 10) Burden of family. The findings of the study show that community’s perceptions about older persons with dementia are different. That leads to different care. Therefor educating understanding and awareness about dementia in the older persons are importance for community to support the older persons with dementia and their families have access to health and social services, which makes quality of life.


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