Anapanasati Meditation on Climacteric Women’s Health


  • Sophaphan Intahphuak


Climacteric women, Anapanasati meditation, Physiological health, Psycho-social health


This study aims to investigate the effectiveness of Anapanasati meditation on physical and psycho-social health among climacteric women.  Quasi-experiment was used in this study.  Twenty four were enrolled in an experimental group. They were trained in Anapanasati meditation for twelve weeks.  The control group, twenty five climacteric women received the usual health advice from health care provider.  Data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics, independent samples t-test and paired samples t-test.  After the intervention, the meditation group showed significantly decrease in physical health problem scores (P<0.001) and psychosocial health problem scores (P<0.05) when compare to pre-intervention.  The physiological health problems scores in the Anapanasati meditation group demonstrated significantly less than the control group (P<0.05). 


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