Food and Beverage Factors Associated with the Risk of Colorectal Cancer: A Systematic Review

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Sujira Foongfaung
Somkid Prabpai
Niramon Pojdoung
Aorntira Boonpradit


            The purpose of this systematic review was to gather information on food and beverage factors and analyze those factors associated with colon and rectal cancer. The researchers extensively searched through electronic databases for articles on food and beverage parameters associated with colorectal cancer incidence from 2012 to 2021. There were several studies that had been conducted in Thailand and abroad. According to Joanna Briggs Institute's systematic research review process, there were 15 studies that were in line with the inclusion criteria and high-quality assessment criteria. The results showed that red and processed meats, low-fiber diets, western meals such as fried chicken, pizza, hamburgers, alcoholic beverages, sugary drinks, and caffeinated products were all linked to increased risk of colorectal cancer, depending on the quantity and serving size. The studies had shown that the consumption of those food and beverages was an important indicator for risk of developing colorectal cancer. The results of this systematic review could be used to enhance food and beverages consumption behavior to reduce the risk of possible colorectal cancers.

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Foongfaung, S., Prabpai, S., Pojdoung, N., & Boonpradit, A. (2022). Food and Beverage Factors Associated with the Risk of Colorectal Cancer: A Systematic Review. Kuakarun Journal of Nursing, 29(2), 320–333. Retrieved from
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