Policy and scope

Kuakarun Journal of Nursing was established to publish research, academic articles, and a systematic literature review in Thai and English. Its articles are published on nursing knowledge, including fields of science related to health, public health, education, research, and nursing services, and serves as a medium for exchanging knowledge, opinions, and experiences to solve problems for the development of the nursing profession and healthcare personnel, as well as nursing students in master's and doctoral degrees in nursing. The target group of the journal is nursing professors, nursing personnel, nursing students, medical and public health personnel, and any interested individuals. The Kuakarun Journal of Nursing has its publication process as follows. 

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“University students” are higher education students at all degrees who have published academic work from all institutions

“Faculty members of Kuakarun Faculty of Nursing” are lecturers and personnel working under the supervision of the Kuakarun Faculty of Nursing

“External personnel” are any authors submitting work for publication who are not under the supervision of the Kuakarun Faculty of Nursing.

Article Publishing Charges (APCs)

1. Editors and editorial team primarily review manuscripts submitted by authors to ensure they meet the policy scope and are not unethical. The articles can be transferred for expert review FREE OF CHARGE. If the articles meet the journal's policies, a subscription fee and the article processing charge for publication will be requested. Should the article not be qualified by the expert review, the editorial team reserves the right, in any circumstances to refund.

2. Those who wish to publish an article must apply for a 3-year subscription to the Kuakarun Journal of Nursing, amounting to 900 baht, which will receive 2 volumes per year from subscription, 6 issues in total.

Criteria for acceptance or rejection of articles

1. All types of articles published in the Kuakarun Journal of Nursing will be reviewed for quality by 3 experts. The results of acceptance or rejection will be based on the expert review results.

2. Authors must do the editing for submission according to the expert review results and the editorial team's recommendations until all processes have been completed and accepted for publication.

3. In case the author submits a research article, it must be approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee.

4. The article must not infringe copyright or plagiarize the work of others.

5. Authors must not resubmit articles that have already been published. Whether it is a word change or picture editing, if found, the editors will suspend the right to submit and publish their article for 3 years.

Journal publishing schedule

Kuakarun Journal of Nursing has annually published 2 issues as follows:

Issue 1 January - June

Issue 2 July - December


Kuakarun Faculty of Nursing, Navamindradhiraj University