Deep cerebral venous thrombosis and weight-lifting exercise: A case report


  • Thon Thiraworawong Division of Neurology, Prasat Neurological Institute


Cerebral venous thrombosis, weight-lifting, headache


A 23-year-old Thai man presented with subacute progressive headache over 2 weeks. The patient has a regular heavy weight lifting schedule with no any obvious risk factors or stimulants. Neurological examination and initial laboratory work-up which included CBC, BUN/Cr, electrolyte, liver function test, coagulogram were within normal limits. CT brain, MRI and MRV brain showed abnormal hyperdensity/ hyperintensity with filling defect consistent with thrombus in inferior sagittal sinus and straight sinus. Investigations for etiology of the disease including protein C level, protein S level, antithrombin-III level, factor V leiden, antiphospholipid antibody and prothrombin gene G20210A mutation were normal. Malignancy screening included CEA, AFP, CA 19-9 were within normal limits. Heavy weight-lifting program may be associated with deep cerebral venous thrombosis in this patient.


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