The Factors Affecting the Length of Stay of Non-ruptured Appendicitis Patients UndergoingAppendectomies in Nakornping Hospital


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Background: Shorter patient length of stay at a hospital efficientlyimprove resource management. In 2017, the average length of stay forappendicitis patients at Nakornping Hospital was 4.09 days. Comparingthe number to 3.24 days at similar size hospitals in Regional Health 1,affecting factors can be identified to reduce the length of stay atNakornping Hospital.                                                                                                                      Method: The study used retrospective cohort study of 111 non-rupturedacute appendicitis patients at Nakornping Hospital diagnosed betweenDecember 1st, 2017 to January 31st, 2018. Using multivariablelinearregression, the analyzed factors include the timebefore the patienthavefood(before or after 4 hours after operation), the time before softdiet,ASA, postoperative complications, type of appendicitis, underlyingdiseases which require continuous medication, operation time, gender,and age.                      Result: Statistically significant factors are the food consumption after 4hoursafter operation, acute gangrenous appendicitis, postoperativecomplications, and underlying diseases, which increase the length of stay by 0.36 days(95%CI=0.05-0.70), 0.49 days (95%CI=0.07-0.91), 1.41 days(95%CI=0.75-2.08), and 0.79 days (95%CI=0.32-1.26) respectively.                                                                                                                            Conclusion: Eatingwithin 4 hours after operation, reduce operationcomplications, faster diagnosis and treatment, and referring acutegangrenous appendicitis patients to community hospitals may be used asprocedures to reduce the length of stay


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