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On December 8, 2016, at 12.30 pm, Tuberculosis Clinic Yang Talad Hospital received a report from Kalasin Hospital Tuberculosis Clinic confirmed that tuberculosis case with new pulmonary tuberculosis. The patients were treated at the TB clinic, Kalasin Hospital is a female patient aged 39 years old. Occupation of teacher for child development center in Na Di Subdistrict, Yangtalad District, Kalasin Province. Tuberculosis clinic and surveillance team for investigation in Yangtalad District .

Together with TB team work Kalasin Provincial Public Health Office Conduct an investigation and control of disease in the area between 8-22 December 2016. With the objective of confirming the diagnosis and outbreak of tuberculosis find case contact Treatment of suspected pulmonary tuberculosis patients and patients confirmed pulmonary tuberculosis find control measures and prevent tuberculosis in the child development center.

The results of the investigation found that there were positive confirmed cases of lung sputum tuberculosis with molecular examination by Gene X-pert. The results of the detection of 1 medium-sized bacterial tuberculosis were administered with tuberculosis treatment with the drug system CAT1 unknown source of the disease Investigate the disease according to the patient's definition found that there were 16 students in the child development center with confirmed patients Did not find that he had tuberculosis Go home and give advice on observing pulmonary tuberculosis.

Prevention and control measures of tuberculosis in child development centers such as health examination by chest radiography teachers and personnel working in child development centers.


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