Factors Associated with Pulmonary Tuberculosis Among Diabetes Mellitus Patients In Roi Et Province

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สมพร ขามรัตน์
พรนภา ศุกรเวทย์ศิริ
กรรณิการ์ ตฤณวุฒิพงษ์


An unmatched case-control study was conducted in the DM clinics of seven government hospitals in Roi Et Province during the period October 1, 2011 to September 30, 2013. The cases were 107 DM patients with PTB, and the controls were 214 DM patients without PTB. Data were collected by interviews and by extraction of information from medical record. Descriptive statistics used to describe the general characteristics of patients. Analytical of relationship between risk factors association whit PTB among DM patients used multiple logistic regression analysis was performed to calculate adjusted odds ratios (ORadj) and 95% of confident intervals (95% CI).

         The results showed that statistically significant risk factors for PTB among DM patients were: male gender (ORadj=2.57; 95% CI = 1.08-6.13), body mass index (BMI) <18.5 kg/m2 (ORadj=3.11; 95% CI = 1.23-7.90), alcohol consumption (ORadj=2.58; 95% CI = 1.10-6.07), flexibility exercise for less than three times a week (ORadj= 2.27; 95% CI = 1.24-4.24), duration of diabetes illness ≥ 5 years(ORadj=2.05; 95% CI = 1.04-4.04), HbAlC level > 7% (ORadj= 2.34; 95% CI = 1.19-4.59), living in the same house as a TB patient (ORadj= 6.30; 95% CI = 2.93-13.52), close contact with a tuberculosis patient in community (ORadj= 6.09; 95% CI = 2.51-14.77) and living in household with more than four people (ORadj=3.69; 95% CI = 1.98-6.90).

         From the results of this study indicate that the annual tuberculosis screening of DM patients should do in every year, especially in diabetes patients had household living in the same house with TB patient. We should be instructive more about preventing disease and appropriate health care. There should be
a system of surveillance and screening for new TB cases so that those with the disease can be registered
for treatment and the spread of TB within the community reduced.


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