Promoting family health behaviors among hypertentionrisked person at Hintang sub-district, Banphai district, Khonkaen province.

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The objective of this study was to promote health behaviour for families whose members were at risk of
hypertension at Hintang health promoting hospital, Banphai District, Khon Kaen Province. The group processing and family health promotion conceptual framework. One group pre-post test design was conducted betweenMay – June 2016. The target group was 10 people at risk of hypertension and their families. The study instrumentsconsisted of: 1) the instrument for promoting health behaviour among families with risk-hypertension person. 2) The instrument used to collect information, including interview data and health information, and health behaviorsquestionnaire.All instruments have been checked for content validity by 3 experts to be appropriate in languageand clarity of language, comprehensive and consistent objectives.Data were collected through interviews andquestionnaire health behaviors. The promoting family health behaviors among family with hypertension risked personthat consisted of 4 activities: 1) the activities envisioned my family. 2) Activity building. 3) Activities,commitment to stay healthy. 4) Home visits and family counseling. The data analysis was done by frequency andpercentage and content analysis.The results indicated that the family health promoting behaviour program’s effect to risk-hypertensionand their families achieved a better score in the areas of nutrition, exercise and stress management behaviors.


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