Increasing Vertical Dimension with Indirect Resin Composite Onlay for Full Mouth Oral Rehabilitation: A Case Report การเพิ่มมิติในแนวดิ่งด้วยเรซินคอมโพสิตออนเลย์โดยอ้อมในงานฟื้นฟูสภาพช่องปาก: รายงานผู้ป่วย

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Siphapapak Inlang
Pisaisit Chaijareenont


Diagnosis and treatment planning for full mouth rehabilitation in the patient with teeth wear and limited interocclusal space has been challenging. Gathering information and careful examination should be done for the correct diagnosis and treatment plan. One of the important treatment plans is the usage of appropriate restorative materials for patients. Generally, there are several techniques to increase the vertical dimension for patients ,for example temporary plate raise bite, splint, and resin composite onlay. This clinical case reported increasing vertical dimension by using indirect resin composite onlay bond with self-cure resin cement. Following 4-6 weeks after increased the vertical dimension, the restoration exhibited the acceptable function and esthetics. The result showed that most of restorations had good appearance and didn’t need to be repaired. The main advantage of this technique is the resin composite application which provide a strong and great esthetic outcome. Moreover, using resin composite with resin cement provide a good adhesion, high strength, and less marginal leakage. In conclusion, this technique can be one of a treatment of choice for increasing vertical dimension.


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