About the Journal

     Chiang Mai Dental Journal (ISSN2773-921X) is an academic journal of the Faculty of Dentistry, Chiang Mai University that has published academic articles and research papers about dentistry and related fields since 1977. Prior to publication, all articles are reviewed by editors and experts in their respective fields. The content of the article must be up-to-date, universal, logical and according to academic principles so the reader can apply the knowledge and cite the work in the development of dentistry work which will advance future research and be beneficial to patients or society. At present, Chiang Mai Dental Journal openly receives all submissions through an online journal review process system. The new online system also allows reviewers and researchers an ability to read 3 issues each year


     Accepted articles will be fairly reviewed by the editors and experts with full transparency through the following process.

  1. The articles should be correct according to academic principles and not duplicate works that have been previously published. Additionally, the content should be within the scope of dentistry or a related field.
  2. The articles will be considered and reviewed through a non-bias process by concealing the names of authors and related persons in the considered documents while also concealing the names of the experts and reviewers who considered the article (Double-blind review).
  3. The process of reviewing is standardized. The article authors can review the status of their article and are able to follow up on the article evaluation through the online process. The duration of each step is determined so that the articles can be published on time.
  4. Articles that have been granted publication will be on the basis of recommendations from expert reviewers. All other articles will either be sent back to authors for further editing before consideration or rejected based on the aforementioned criterion. 
  5. Submitter of articles acknowledges the review and verifies the accuracy of the text, images, and tables in the articles before publication.
  6. Articles published in Chiang Mai Dental Journal are the copyright of Chiang Mai Dental Journal, which forbids anyone to modify, forward or republish articles for any purpose without permission from the copyright owner.

Aims and scope of the journal

      To compile content and new research that is up to date and related to all branches of dental work, wherein there is no duplication of work or articles that have been previously published. To published article that are fundamental to research work, applied research, review articles, Patient reports and other articles such as Case reports.

Period of issue

The periodicals are scheduled to publish three journals a year:

Issue 1 January-April

Issue 2 May-August

Issue 3 September-December