Publication Ethics

Roles and Responsibilities of Chiang Mai Dental Journal Editors

  • Keep the journal up to date.
  • Ensure the quality of the article and universal research ethical principles with evidence of approval by authorized persons of each particular research, i.e., Research Ethics Committee, as well as keep research participants’ personal information confidential.
  • Maintain academic accuracy of the published article with confidential peer review and protection of reviewer’s personal information. When acknowledging inaccurate information on the published articles, including misleading statement or distorted information, promptly provide clear-cut revision.
  • Consider an article to be published with no bias, based on quality of the article, research ethics principles and academic accuracy.
  • Encourage free discussion and be open to comments of articles published in Chiang Mai Dentist Journal with author’s responding clarification allowed.
  • Protect intellectual property of the author without violating the author’s intellectual property in other sources.
  • Be willing to revise publishing errors, clarify misleading information, remove articles and apologize, if necessary.

Roles and Responsibilities of Chiang Mai Dental Journal Reviewers

  • Keep the content, images and information of the reviewing articles confidential, and not reveal any parts of the article to the public.
  • Assess the article and provide recommendation along with honest, academic comments to the author with no bias.
  • Will not release the content of the reviewing article commercially for personal benefit or academic work.

Roles and Responsibilities of Chiang Mai Dental Journal Authors

  • Submit standardized article with details conforming to all recommendations of article writing of Chiang Mai Dentist Journal noted herein.
  • Not duplicate, plagiarize or copy articles, images, research findings from other sources.
  • Not submit the same article to other journals.
  • Specify complete sources of research funding.