Materials for Provisional Crowns, CAD/CAM Polymethyl Metacrylate: Literature Review วัสดุสำหรับครอบฟันเฉพาะกาลชนิดแคดแคมพอลิเมทิลเมทาไครเลต: ทบทวนวรรณกรรม

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Apichart Suwannasing
Boonchai Chaoklaiwong
Pattaranat Banthitkhunanon


CAD/CAM system is widely used in fabrication of definitive and provisional crowns because of its accuracy as well as time saving. Dental prosthodontic treatments employ the provisional crowns which have the strength to endure the functional loading, meets the patient’s satisfaction in esthetic aspect and provide marginal adaptation protecting the abutment from bacteria. CAD/CAM Polymethyl metacrylate (PMMA) become an alternative material for provisional crowns due to its appropriate properties. The restoration has the completed polymerization under the optimum condition, which reduces the residual porosity and monomer compared to conventional resin, diminishing oral tissue irritation and having color stability in a long-term use.


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