Effects of Traumatic Injuries in Primary Dentition to Permanent Successors ผลกระทบของการบาดเจ็บในฟันน้ำนมต่อหน่อฟันแท้

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Wilawan Louwakul
Phumisak Louwakul


Prevalence of traumatic injuries to primary teeth varies from 6% to 58.6%. The frequency increases in young children due to lack of motor coordination. Most of the injuries are subluxation. The sequalae on permanent successors, frequently found in intrusion and avulsion, are caused by direct or indirect effects which could disturbing the development of permanent teeth. Enamel discoloration with/without hypoplasia of the permanent incisors are the most common consequences. The aim of this literature review is to describe prevalence, effects of traumatic injuries to primary teeth and their successors, related factors to severity of the sequelae, treatment and follow up guidelines. To minimize the problems resulting from traumatic injuries to the primary teeth and their periodontium including the developing tooth germs, dentists should be aware of the importance of anamnesis, the clinical and radiographic examination, proper diagnosis and treatment planning, parent instruction and long-term follow up.


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