Management of cracked tooth with deep cracks and periodontal defect: A 1-year follow-up

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Anat Dewi
Yaha Yeh
Naruephorn Vinaikosal
Phumisak Lauwakul


Nowadays, the incidence of cracked tooth increases from the past. Cracked tooth not only cause pulpal disease but may also lead to periodontal problems, leading to tooth loss. The prognosis of cracked tooth relates to the extent of crack line and level of periodontal defect. A literature review showed pulp necrosis due to cracked tooth could be sealed favourably following root canal disinfection and proper sealing. Stabilization with an adequate cuspal coverage restoration will also increase the long-term success of root canal treatment. This case report describes the treatment of a tooth diagnosed with pulp necrosis with progression of the crack line into the root along with a periodontal defect and the successful treatment outcome after 1-year follow-up.


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