Type 2 diabetes mellitus and lifestyle: A systematic review

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Sineenart Chautrakarn
Supalak Phonphithak


Background: Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a chronic disease, common in people of all ages and both genders. The cause of type 2 DM is both genetic and lifestyle; whereas diabetes affects the quality of life of the patients. Therefore, the researchers are interested to find out the association between type 2 DM and lifestyle of the patients; the findings can be used for disease prevention and further research regarding type 2 DM and lifestyle in Thailand.

Objective: This study is aimed to access the association of patients’ life style to type 2 DM and type 2 DM to patient’s life style.

Methods: A systematic review search of databases that met eligibility criteria using PICOS model (Participant: DM type 2 patients; Intervention: DM type 2; Comparison: control group; Outcome: an association between disease and lifestyle; and, Study design: All designs) was conducted. Relevant data were obtained from PubMed during 2009 - 2014.

Results: A total of 2,666 articles obtained, of which 44 articles met the eligibility criteria. The result demonstrates that Type 2 DM is associated with patient’s life style.

Conclusion: The awareness of risk behaviors may help reduce the risk of type 2 DM. As for those with type 2 DM, good understanding about the disease and how to take care of themselves will enable them to control blood glucose level that can reduce complications for good quality of life.


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