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Journal Title: Journal of Medical Bioscience (JMBS)

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 Vol. 1 No. 1 (2019 – Present) formal tile is Chulalongkorn Medical Bulletin.

 Semiannually (No.1 January - June and No.2 July – December)

 Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University

 English, Thai (with English abstract, figures, and tables)

(Print) 2773-9996

(Online) 2774-0293

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 Print/ Electronic

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As a science and technological journal, the Journal of Medical Bioscience aims to publicize biomedical science and relevant academic matters. We are interested in publishing original research and other articles, providing members the benefits of knowledge, modern experiences, and professional standards.

It is obligatory that articles accepted for publication in this journal have not been previously published in any journals. We recruit peer reviewers from multicentered national standard universities. Each article receives exclusive evaluation by at least 2 specialized peer reviewers per each article with the double-blinded procedure which means that peer reviewers will not know whom they are evaluating and the author will not know the reviewers' names, enhancing the transparency of the process. From the previous process, every submitted article was kept secret and prohibited from commercialization at all means. If any conflicts of interest arise with the reviewer and the author or the subject, the editor would find the substitute review for that article or subject. The submitted manuscript will be destroyed after the evaluation is complete.

 Journal of Medical Bioscience is now published under Chulalongkorn University Press, an established publishing and printing house of Chulalongkorn University (https://www.chula.ac.th/en/). Our publication criteria are based upon high ethical standards and rigorous scientific methodology (https://publicationethics.org/core-practices).