Effects of aromatherapy treatments on dream of addictive substance: 9-sided feelings and quality of sleep in amphetamine users

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Chanida Rojchomnong
Atapol Sughondhabirom
Patraporn Kinnon


Background: The use of amphetamines for a long time affects the mind, especially thoughts, feelings, and dreams. Therefore, the goal of experimental research using by aroma therapy was to assess feelings and dream of patients with amphetamine.

Objective: To study the effect of aromatherapy therapy on dream of addictive substance: 9-sided feelings and quality of sleep to amphetamine users.

Methods: Aromatherapy (jasmine oil) before bed 1 hour consecutive 7 nights was provided to participants. Data were collected from 20 female patients. Self-report included, namely:
1) General background

2) Visual Analog scale of Feelings 9-side (VAS)

3) Dream Record about drugs, and

4) Sleep Quality Assessment (PSQI).

Results: Most subjects used drugs in the age range of 13 - 20 years. Most of them used amphetamines 95%, cigarettes and tobacco 70%. Score of 9-sides feelings, dreams record about drugs and quality of sleep on the day of receiving the essential oil was lower than the date of receiving the essential oil.

Conclusion: These findings resulted in the changes in the mood and feelings of the subjects. This suggested that aromatherapy therapy could be developed to guide the treatment of patients with amphatamine.


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