The Challenging of Teenage Pregnancy in Thailand


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teenage, pregnancy, Thailand


Teenage pregnancy is a complex problem arisen in many countries, particularly developing countries including Thailand. Although Thailand has tried to solve the problem, the number of teenage pregnancy still occurred and it tends to increase every years. There are many factors related to teenage pregnancy involving personal factor, family factor, peer pressure and social issues and environment problems. Pregnancy during young age has a vast impact on physical and mental of the youth. It is not only teenage mother that affected by pregnancy nevertheless, new born babies, family of adolescent mothers and the society was affected. Thailand has attempted to erase the problem by focusing on prevention unsafe sex and developing more effective sex education. Nurses, public health workers and social workers and all sectors were collaborated to work in hospitals and communities however, the issue of teenage pregnancy still remains. Therefore, solving this problem is not easy because of many limitations. There are various causes to be concerned and solved. Teenage pregnancy is a challenging for healthcare providers, other stakeholders and all Thai people. Deeper understanding in all dimensions of teenage pregnancy issue will lead to increase the awareness of the problem and to discover the greatest solution for Thailand.


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