Effect of physical therapy in Covid 2019 : Saraburi hospital ; retrospective observational study


  • Kunnika Theerawutwarawate Department of Physical Therapy Saraburi Hospital
  • Apirat Junset Department of Physical Therapy Saraburi Hospital


Physical Therapy, coronavirus 2019, COVID-19


Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a new disease that causes of severe acute respiratory syndrome. Physical therapy (PT) has been widely recommendation,treatment and effect of PT are not clear. However, clinical practice guideline depends on each hospitalcontext. This study aimed to assess effect of PT in Covid 2019 and factor associated with them on Covid-19 patient in Saraburi Hospital. A retrospective observational study, including a COVID -19 subjects admitted in hospital from June to December of 2021, search from the hospital database(SSB) andmedical record, total 707 patients. Subjects were separated into two groups :PT(104) and non-PT (106).Result that a length of ventilator was median (Interquartile Range (IQR)) for PT7.00(3.50-9.50)and non-PT 7.00 (3.50 - 10.75)days, a length of oxygen therapy was median(IQR) for PT8.00(5.00-16.00)and non-PT 9.00(6.00-14.00)day,a length of stay in hospital was median(IQR) for PT13.50(8.00-22.00)and non-PT11.00(8.00-16.00)day and total cost was median(IQR) for PT225,572.12 (135,319.12-461,430.31)and non-PT160,284.88 (108,289.44-268,946.44)bath.Discharge summary from distributed by licensed physician for PT80.77 and non-PT73.58% and refer to another hospital for PT 19.23 and non-PT 26.42 %. Multivariate regression analysis offactorsassociatedwith a length of stay in hospital werea length of oxygen therapy, length of stay before got PT and severity of disease,could predicted 72.8% (R2= 0.728). Conclusion: PT in right time and start early could reduce the length of hospitalization stay and other factor is length of oxygen therapy and severity.


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