• Responsibilities of Khon Kaen Dent J editorial team:

           Our main goal is to deliver quality journals with novel insights to the field. We are responsible for multiple tasks with integrity as follows.

           - publish high quality research work as well as case reports and review articles to maintain an updated information.

           - conceal the identity of the authors and reviewers, confidential information of the submitted manuscripts.

           - proceed with the editorial process without prejudice against the authors and conflict of interest.

           - investigate and withdrawn any submitted manuscript whose plagiarism, data manipulation and duplication are evident.

           - maintain an up-to-date website to allow a convenient access to the users. 

  • The reviewers should:

           - conceal the identity of the unpublished data in the manuscripts, all related documents received upon a request from the editors.

           - review and  revise a manuscript on a limited time frame without bias.

           - detect and report any research misconduct and unethical issue found in the submitted manuscripts to the editors.

           - never use the unpublished documents received from the review process for their personal benefits and research of interest. 

  • The authors should:

           - submit the original work written in accordance with the author guideline, strictly following the KhonKaen Dent J manuscript format.

           - use a proper written language for both Thai and English version. In case of incompetent English user, consult with the English language editing service prior to manuscript submission.

           - do not publish duplicated data, plagiarized manuscript, and any of the research work found not to be original.

          -  provide sufficient information of all authors present in the manuscript and acknowledgement of research funding and of related matters.


Journal Policy and Editorial Process

            Accepted manuscripts to be published in Khon Kaen Dent J must be thoroughly reviewed by editorial members as well as by invited, external reviewers in the field of related specialty. Editorial process involves the following:

           1.  Author(s) will be notified via an email from editorial team when the manuscript is received.

           2.  Overall contents and quality of the manuscript will be examined by editors. Only manuscript that exhibit a potential use and novelty will be considered for publication, in accordance with the goals of the journal.

           3.  If the manuscript is granted publishing, external reviewers, at a minimum of 2, will be invited for a double-blinded review process. This regulation complies with the policy of TCI to evaluate whether the manuscript is suitable for publication.

           4.  The decision will be made by editorial team upon the return of manuscript from the invited reviewers.

           5.  Whether the manuscript is accepted, conditionally accepted after revision, or rejected for publication, the author(s) will be informed via email notification.