Medical uses of cannabis

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Nittaya Khaokham


          Cannabis is a tropical plant in Cannabaceae family that can grow in a warm climate. They are a psychoactive compound THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and a non-psychoactive compound CBD (cannabidiol). Cannabis has been used as a medicine for a long time. In Thailand, marijuana is listed as a category-5 narcotic under the Narcotics Act, B.E. 2522. But for The Narcotics Act (No. 7) B.E. 2562 which was published in the Government Gazette on 18th February 2019, the amended Narcotic Act now allows use of cannabis for medicine and research and development
          Cannabis is a plant that has medical benefits with evidences from both traditional medicine and modern medicine. The use of cannabis in some disease states remain to be clinically evaluated in both efficacy and safety aspects through systematic research before being generalized for routine use. The side effects of marijuana in the short term are mild; however, the long term side effects are unclear.

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