Effect of Using Quality Criteria on Price (Price Performance) to Drug Procurement Krabi Hospital

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Jarinee Kwanmuang


          This studied mainly about drug selections in Krabi Hospital by using Price - Performance Ratio Criteria, the criteria was designed by the Pharmaceutical and Therapeutic Committees of Songklanagarind Hospital, PTC. This criteria composes of two parts; general quality criteria and specific quality criteria. General quality criteria considers of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient and Finished Product Specifications, and Good Storage Practice and Good Distribution Practice (GSP/GDP). Another one, specific quality criteria considers of Certificate of Analysis (CoA), Stability data, Bioequivalence, Therapeutic Equivalence, and Package and Labeling.
          In 2019, there were 40 drugs submitted to participate in drug selection processes of Krabi Hospital. Five drugs were excluded, and thirty-five drugs were included in this study. These 35 drugs were matched as a pair or group (same generic drug competed to each other). There were 81 competitors (46 pairs) ; thirteen drugs were from originator companies and sixty-eight drugs were from generic companies. The ratio of Price - Performance Criteria were 30:70, the researcher would evaluate each part by giving 70 points for the best quality drug and 30 points for the cheapest drug in each pair or group and the other drugs would get the points in descending order.
          The study found that the percentage of very appropriated property between performance and price was 74.04 (81-100 points) and appropriated property was 25.93 (51-80 points). There was no drug with inappropriate property between performance and price. Moreover, if considered only the performance criteria, this study showed that the percentage of very good, good, and moderate quality was 17.28 (80 - 100 points), 49.38 (60-79 points), and 33.33 (0-59) respectively. the study found that the criteria of therapeutic equivalence, stability data and bioequivalence were the weak spots. However, the results from Price - Performance Ratio Criteria were used in the consideration of the committees and expected that this criteria would be able to save the drug expense in 2020 about 614,600.42 Baht.
          Nevertheless, the study should be continued studying about the results of evaluated points in term of use by the committees and also evaluate the understanding of each committees to this criteria before use it. Moreover, the researcher should study further about the confidence of physicians who use these drugs and also evaluate the satisfaction of the directors in term of saving hospital funds.

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