The role of multidisciplinary team in preventing medication errors

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Vimonjit Jantachotikun
Thiti Rattanakom


          Medication error refers to any preventable event, which may lead to inappropriate drug use or harm to the patient from minor injuries to death. Medication error involved in the process, from prescribing, dispensing, administration or may include treatment failure or an error in any process that involves medication. Therefore, medication error prevention is a major challenging in the drug system. The multidisciplinary team, including physicians, pharmacists and nurses, has an important role and is directly related to medication error management. And there are many researches aim to assess the outcome of the intervention, including the collaboration of multidisciplinary teams and the use of health technology in preventing medication errors. This article is a literature to review the definition of medication errors. And to study the role of multidisciplinary teams in using current technology to prevent medication errors and patients safer from medication use.

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Jantachotikun V, Rattanakom T. The role of multidisciplinary team in preventing medication errors. Kb. Med. J. [Internet]. 2021 Mar. 10 [cited 2024 Apr. 13];3(1):61-76. Available from:
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