Retrieval of Displaced Root in the Maxillary Sinus and Surgical Closure of Oro-antral Communication: a Case Report

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Karp Jittanoon


          Oro-antral communication (OAC) is a common complication of dental extraction of maxillary permanent molars and premolars. Closure of OAC is recommended to minimize the risk of maxillary sinusitis and the development of a fistula. Surgical closure still seems to be the treatment of choice to close OAC.
          So the displaced root into maxillary sinus was retrieved and the OAC was closed. In this case report, 54-year-old thai female referred for retrieval of a displaced root of maxillary first permanent molar in maxillary sinus. Treatment was planned to retrieval the displaced root by Caldwell-Luc operation and closure of OAC using buccal advancement flap. When the patient was reviewed after 2-week and 3-month periods, there was good healing without maxillary sinusitis or recurrent.
          Caldwell-Luc operation and buccal advancement flap are still the treatments of choices for retrieval of displaced root in maxillary sinus and closure of OAC in the most cases.

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