Development and Evaluation of Program to Prevent the Use of Electronic Cigarette Products in Online Society among Students of Private Universities in Pathum Thani Province


  • Uthaiwan Pongboriboon School of Nursing, Eastern Asia University
  • Patcharin Addjanagitti School of Nursing Eastern Asia University
  • Ratchaya Rattanatavorn School of Nursing, Eastern Asia University


Programs to Prevent, Electronic Cigarette, Online Society


Development and evaluation of programs to prevent the use of electronic cigarette products in online society among students of private universities in Pathum Thani province. This is an experimental research that aims to explore the problematic conditions of electronic cigarette products in terms of knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors to prevent electronic cigarettes and to carry out the design, development, trial, and evaluation of the program. Data were collected from the experimental group and the comparison group of 30 people each, using the Electronic Cigarette Product Use Prevention Program, questionnaires, and behavioral observation forms as research tools. Analyze the data by frequency distribution, percentage, mean, and standard deviation. The differences were compared with the Chi-square test, Independent t-test, and Repeated Measure ANOVA. The results found that the experimental group had a mean score of knowledge about e-cigarettes, negative attitude towards electronic cigarettes, and behavior in preventing e-cigarettes had statistically different from the comparison group (p-value < .05). But after the experiment, the experimental group had a statistically significantly higher mean score than the comparison group (p-value < .05). From the research results, it should support, promote and disseminate the application of the prevention of electronic cigarette product use in social networks. To be used to prevent the use of electronic cigarette products among youth in different groups.


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