The Effectiveness of Health Literacy Enhancing and Developing Program on A1C Blood Pressure Level Health Literacy and Diabetes and Hypertension Control Behaviors


  • Atiya Sarakshetrin Prachomklao College of Nursing Phetchaburi Province
  • Jintana Tongpeth Prachomklao College of Nursing Phetchaburi Province
  • Araya Sriwongsa Hua-Sa-Phan Sub-district Health Promoting Hospital Phetchaburi Province


Health literacy, Diabetes and Hypertension Control Behaviors, A1C, Blood Pressure


This research is a two-group quasi-experimental pretest-posttest design. The objective is to examine the effectiveness of Health literacy Enhancing and Developing Program on Health literacy, Diabetes and Hypertension control behaviors, A1C and Blood Pressure level. The samples consisted of 70 patients with type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension and put into experimental and control groups. Each group included 35 persons. Experimental instrument is a Health literacy Enhancing and Developing Program that was examined of content validity by 5 experts. The data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics and t-test. The results revealed that the mean of Health Literacy scores and Diabetes and Hypertension control behaviors scores of the experimental group higher than before enrolling in the program and higher than the control group at p-valve < .01. The mean of A1C, Systolic Blood Pressure (SBP) of the experimental group were lower than the control group at p-valve < .01. and .001 The mean of Diastolic BP levels of the experimental group and control group were not different. Thus, to enhance the Diabetes and Hypertension Control Behaviors by implementing a Health Literacy Enhancing Program for every new DM and HT’s patients.


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