Nurses’ Role in Newborn Development Focused on Family Centered-Care in NICU


  • Atcharawadee Sriyasak Prachomklao College of Nursing, Phetchaburi province
  • Tawin Sumkong Prachomklao Hospital, Phetchaburi province
  • Varunee Ket-in Prachomklao College of Nursing, Phetchaburi province
  • Bussarin Arayathanitkul The Royal Thai Army Nursing College
  • Suari Lamtrakul The Royal Thai Army Nursing College


Nurses’ role, Developmental care, preterm infant, family centered-care


Preterm infants who need intensive medical care are in an environment entirely different than the protective environment of the womb. As we strive to improve our morbidity and mortality rates, we are challenged to enhance the neuroprotective development of the neonate, paying particular in NICU environment. Nurses work close to the family and have a role to promote developmental care. The neonatal integrative developmental care model identifies seven distinct core measures that provide clinical guidance for NICU staff in delivering neuroprotective family-centered developmental care in the NICU as the following: as the 1) healing environment, 2) partnering with families, 3) positioning & handling, 4) safeguarding sleep, 5) minimizing stress and pain, 6) protecting skin, and 7) optimizing nutrition. This model helps to promote normal growth and development.


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