Causal Factors Affecting Health Promoting Behaviors of Ramkhamhaeng University Personnel


  • Siriwan Chobthamasakul Faculty of Education, Ramkhamheang Univeristy


Causal Factors, Health Promoting Behaviors, Ramkhamhaeng University


The objectives of this research were: 1)to study health promoting behaviors, 2) to study the causal factors that affected health promoting behaviors, 3) to create the causal relationship factors model that affecting health promoting behaviors of Ramkhamhaeng University personnel. A group of 338 samples was selected via stratified random sampling. Data collected by using questionnaires. Data were analyzed using frequency distributions, means, standard deviations, Chi-square Test, Empirical data consistency were analyzed using the GFI, AGFI, and RMR indices, and path analysis were analyzed by LISREL.

Findings were as follows: 1) Health promoting behaviors of Ramkhamhaeng University personnel were overall evinced at a high level, 2) Causal factors that affected Ramkhamhaeng University personnel’s health promoting behaviors included, personal factors which were reflected through negative relationship between health promoting behaviors statistically significant at .01 level, internal and external factors in society and environment showing positive relationship with health-promoting behaviors statistically significant at .01 level, 3) Relationship model of causal factors and health promoting behaviors of Ramkhamhaeng University personnel showed different findings: personal factors negatively affected (-.02) health promoting behaviors, Internal factors positively affected (.07, .20, .09) health promoting behaviors, and external factors in society and environment had direct positive effects (.01, .02) on health promotion behaviors.


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