The Effect of Moving with Awareness Meditation to Happiness of Register Nurses in Female Medical Ward Chaiyaphum Hospital


  • Parichat Yatniyom Faculty of Nursing, Chaiyaphum Rajabhat University
  • Sudchai Chamchumrat Chaiyaphum hospital
  • Sangnapa Baramee Boromarajonani College of Nursing Nakhon Ratchasima
  • Khemika Napattaradechanon Faculty of Nursing, Chaiyaphum Rajabhat University
  • Sarinthorn Mungkhamanee Boromarajonani College of Nursing Ratchaburi
  • Sarunya Kitpanich The Royal Thai Army Nursing College


Moving with Awareness Meditation, Happiness, Register Nurses


This one group pre-posttest quasi-experimental research design had aimed to study the effects of Moving with Awareness Meditation to Happiness of Register nurses. Thirty register nurses in Female medical ward Chaiyaphum Hospital were selected to participate in this study. Research instruments composted of 1) the personal data questionnaire 2) Thai Happiness Indicators 15 3) Moving with Awareness Meditation program by Luangphu Thian which were verified the content validity by three experts and Thai Happiness Indicators 15 used Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient reliability formula for reliability value was .70 Data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics and paired t-test. The study revealed that after implementing the Moving with Awareness Meditation program by Luangphu Thian, the scores of happiness after practice higher than before practice with statistical different significance at p < .05


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